SUMMARY: Clients bound to a yp server

From: Ade E Oyeyemi (
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 05:57:29 CST

Original Question:

Hi Guys

Is there any way I can tell which yp clients have bound to a particular yp
server , without having to run ypwhich on all the clients ( over 1000 )
Hopefully some command on the yp server ????
Most replys suggested either a rsh yphich on all the clients , or running
ypwhich <hostname> on the server.

Either way, I'd still have to deal with over 1000 clients , which I am
trying to avoid .
Unix wizard lollyb suggested running on the yp server

" rpcinfo -b ypbind 1 " - but this will give a list of hosts that respond
to the rpc broadcast , not those that are yp bound to my server.

I guess there is no easy way around this !!!!

Many thanks to -

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