SUMMARY: SLC has "forgotten" its MAC address

From: Phil Anderton (
Date: Mon Mar 16 1998 - 01:35:55 CST

My original message:

I have a SPARCstation SLC which seems to have "forgotten" its MAC address. On power up it reports an address of FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF. On booting (Solaris 2.4) it reports "Invalid format code in IDprom".
I can work around this problem by doing "ifconfig le0 ether ...",
but has anyone an idea how to fix it?

The answers (heavily condensed):

Basically you need to replace your NVRAM chip. Cost is about US$20.
Read the Sun NVRAM/hostid FAQ.

Time to buy a new prom. The battery failed. You can get a replacement
one from Sun, but if you don't have a hardware contract you'll probably
want to buy one third-party and save some money. I don't know of any
European suppliers, though, so I probably can't help you there...

You can just change it back to what it was at prom or use a c prog from

just have a look at

Its usually a problem with the chip/battery and perhaps should be

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