Summary: SS2000E 9gig and 2.1gig drives

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Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 17:50:23 CST

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        Subject: Sparc Center 2000E 2.1gig Disks in Tray
        Currenty in the Sparc Center 2000E there are 2 trays of disks,
        1 tray with 6 9gig drives, and 1 tray with 2 2.1gig drives.
        We are interested in swapping out the 2 2.1gig drives for
        some 9 gig drives.
        The catch is that the 2.1 gig drives just happen to be
        the boot disk (/ /var /usr , ect.), and the 2nd 2.1gig drive
        is the "backroot, duplicate of the boot disk").
        Have anyone been through this, and if so, what is/was a good way
        to handle this situation?
        Jeffrey B. Davis Net Solutions Creator

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  *Make sure you can get the 9gig Drives from SUN.
  *Make sure that you can get the new cables/ect for the 9 gig drives
        since the 2.1gig drives probably are not WIDE. (possible new
        controller or something.. hmm)
  *ufsdump/ufsrestore the boot disk to a 9gig drive, and test boot
        the machine from there.
  *Then once you can boot from a 9gig drive, take out the 2 2.1gig drives,
        and put in new 9gig drives (upgrading hardware as necessary).
  *Then you have new space, and a new boot device, and problem solved.

Good points people brought up,
 * Can we afford the downtime.. hmm
 * Can we get the parts. (SS2000E is on its last legs, but one hell of a
        stable, sturdy workhorse, compared to the other flavors we run..).
 I tend to remember that the last time I ordered a 9gig drive from sun express,
it was mentioned that we are taking the last few. Hmm..

My conclusion..
 Forget the internal drives, Get a new SBUS scsi card, add a diskpack/space
 about the same price, very short outage, ect.
 (ahh, and also TEST/boot from the backroot (2nd 2.1gig drive) to make sure
  it is bootable.. possibly create another backroot.. (I suppose bsd term)..)

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