Summary: QFE driver for E10k

From: Ravindra N Nemlekar (
Date: Fri Mar 13 1998 - 13:40:26 CST

Thanks for all the quick responses. I did foll.

1. boot net -sw
        This brings to single user mode.
2. Mount/ftp the directory which contains the SUNWqfe and SUNWqfed
   packages. Mount the /, /usr and /var partitions on /tmp/somewhere
   Add these packages to that mount (/tmp/somewhere)
3. Reboot and qfe can be accessed properly.


I reinstalled Solaris 2.5.1 on one of our E10k domains.
I installed the full Development package (which includes
networking and NIS). However when the system boots up it
does not recognise the qfe ports. For qfe0, ifconfig plumb says
     iconfig: plumb: qfe0: no such interface
I am connected to the E10k through an SSP console. When the
OS is being installed, I can plumb and unplumb the interface.
Pls help.
Robin Brown replied:

I just ran into this while installing a new Ultra 1. It appears 2.5.1 does
not have the qfe drivers installed by default. You need to add packages
SUNWqfe and SUNWqfed, worked for me.

David Thorburn-Gundlach replied:

You should have gotten the SUNQqfed and SUNWqfedu drivers with your
QFE cards, but I don't know that the E10K comes with separate QFE
cards for which a CD might be supplied :-) Those are the packages you
seek; since you can see them when the OS is being loaded, you should
be able to find them on your CD.

Jay Morgan replied:
Check for patches on SunSolve. The qfe interface was developed after
2.5.1, and there have been a number of problems with the drivers on those


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