SUMMARY: quotas problem

From: Raquel M. Crespo (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 11:31:40 CST

Thanks to:
                Mark Bergman
                Eugene Kramer
                Mariel Feder
                Thomas Anders
                Dave Plummer
                Ian Camm
for their help.

Finally, it was a silly problem. I had tried quotacheck, as some of you
suggested. But it was simpler: the user had some files in a directory
different from his $HOME, as Thomas Anders pointed, but he didn't
remember it.

Thanks again for your help.


My originally question:

> Hello everyone,
> We've got a problem with the quotas. The information displayed by quota
> -v or repquota is different from the displayed by du or using ls for
> several users. There's a user for whom quota -v displays:
> Filesystem usage quota limit timeleft files quota limit
> timeleft
> /export/home2
> 55136 50000 53000 6.8 days 317 0 0
> when it seems that he has only about 33 MBytes used. The system is
> Solaris 2.5.1.
> Any idea how to solve it?
> Thanks in advanced.
> Raquel

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