SUMMARY: mailq & mail mgmt tool needed

From: Jim Robertori (
Date: Thu Mar 12 1998 - 10:17:27 CST

I received a bounced email notice on the original message sent

Thanks to the people that replied to the original request below:

Rich Kulawiec - suggested NOCOL
Johan Hofvander - also suggested NOCOL

Karl Vogel & Brad Alexander - suggested Big Brother.

         Big Brother, A Web-based Unix Network Monitoring Tool

Good Morning:

Does anyone have any recommendations for a graphical tool that can be used to
track mission critical Unix mail queues (on Sparc 450's)? What I am envisioning
is something like a plug in for HP Openview, SunNetMgr etc that (ideally) would
give graphs showing daily mail messages in and out among other things, sendmail
process graphsd as well
as send alerts to a mgmt device and a pager.

I realize a home grown solution can be created, however, ongoing support and
upgrades will be an issue with 15 of the servers around the country, almost
immediate deployment targets, and centralized support of decentralized machines

Summaries of responses will be shared.


Jim Robertori
Lucent Technologies

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