From: Patricia Diaz (
Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 23:23:25 CST

Dear gurus:
Thanks fo all replies. I've resolved my problem.

My original Question:

> Hi gurus:
> I need your help!! I want to use NFS with WINDOWS NT. Does Anybody know
> any software in order to help me, please? My machine is a netrai150 with
> Solaris 2.5.1.
> Patricia Diaz


I've received a lot answers. Thanks a lot.

I like "Solstice Network Client 3.1" from sun's web site. It's that be
configured as client or server.

The following is the sites where you can download diferents NFS software
for NT.

Thanks to:

Ning Zhang
Ayoub, Nicky
Philip Hurvitz
Roy Hooper
Ron KElley
Normand Ranger
Bullock, Martin
Todd Plesco
Gary Carr
Craig Glover
Sean Ward
Rich Pieri
Michael Grawet
Birger Wathne
Patrick Patterson
Bismark Espinoza
Benjamin Cline
Rackl, Les
Thomas Wingard
Casalme Rene B.
Harri Levinson
Grant Lowe
Philips Nguyen
Susan Feng
Bradley M. Alexander
Peter L. Wargo
David Thorburn
Jonathan Loh
Jafar Shameem
Mike Frish
Tom Dean
Ralph Dell

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