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Date: Wed Mar 11 1998 - 12:49:24 CST

First, "thank you!", to everyone that replied to my query. Those that
replied were:
Eugene Kramer
Darren Dunham
Zivco Margetic
Steven Sakata
Matthew Ashcraft, and
Gert Marais

The original question was:
> Managers,
> I've installed Veritas on a Solaris 2.5.1 system. With the
> I've mirrored the root disk. I am wondering what the procedure is
> for starting the machine back up after a root disk failure. Can the
> machine somehow automatically fail over to the mirror, or will it
> require some sort of manual intervention? If the machine will require

> someone rebooting it, what is the procedure? Is it as simple as a
> plain reboot, or is there more involved? Please detail. I will
> summarize.
 The answer below summarizes what's necessary to recover from a
root disk crash when the root disk has previously been mirrored via


1. Determine the full path of the boot device and mirror device and copy
somewhere (or write down on the paper).

   # ls -l /dev/dsk/root_disk (mirror_disk)

   You will get the full path to the devices. It looks like this:


2. shutdown the machine

3. In ok prompt set aliases:

   ok nvalias <rootdisk> <path to the root device - long string>
   ok nvalias <mirrordisk> <path to the mirror device>
   ok nvstore /* store the info in NVRAM */
   ok setenv auto-boot? false /* after reset not to boot the machine
   ok reset
   ok devalias

   You should see the aliases setup for your boot devices.

   ok setenv boot-device <rootdisk> /* set a boot device */
   ok setenv diag-device <rootdisk>
   ok reset
   ok devalias

   You should see the boot devices set as rootdisk.

   ok setenv auto-boot? true /* DO NOT FORGET THIS */

   ok boot rootdisk
   ok boot mirrordisk

   Any of those should boot. I am not awared that you can setup the
to autoboot. You have to do it manualy if anything goes wrong with the
Zivco Margetic


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