SUMMARY: df -k: I don't understand

From: Schaffer, Gregory J. (
Date: Tue Mar 10 1998 - 12:25:07 CST


As I thought, this was a simple question, and I must have been blind to
miss the answer. To quote Peter Bestel:

10% is reserved for UFS operations. This is specified by the
minfree parameter when you newfs / mkfs a file system. root
can access the 10%, which is the default minfree setting, but
normal users cannot. See the newfs(1M) and tunefs(1M) manual

My original question was:

> >All,
> >
> >This is probably a simple question, but a scan of the FAQ and other
> >readings didn't help. When running df -k under Solaris x86 2.5.1,
> the
> >following is reported:
> >
> >/dev/dsk/c0d0s6 91039 82166 0 100% /usr
> >
> >Now, this tells me two conflicting things: 1) the /usr slice is at
> >capacity (100%) with no available space (0), and 2) that of 91039 kb
> >available, 82166 have been used, meaning I am at 90% capacity. Which
> is
> >correct, and why the discrepancy?
> >
> >Thanks, and again I apologize if this is a simple, common question!
> >
> >Greg
Thanks to all who responded...the total number who responded was 66, so
I won't waste any additional bandwith by posting the names here. Of
those 66 respondents, 65 were most helpful and understanding; me as a
relative newbie to the world of Unix administration appreciates the
patience. One saw fit to slam me for not carefully checking the
summaries for the last 5 years. While that person was correct...I
should have dug deeper for the answer to a relatively common
problem...I'm comforted to see that about 98% of this list remembers
what it was like to be at the beginniing of a Unix system admin career.

Thank you all again very much!!



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