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Date: Tue Mar 10 1998 - 08:44:31 CST

At locked screen try root password , no matter the user is.
(John.T.Nguyen,Michael Baumann,Anthony Jon Pahl - thank you)
Thank you for the time you answered me:

1.Amol Karnik
3. It doesn't appear to be possible. In fact, there is an official
Sun document which says that there isn't a way.
--Leonard E. Sitongia
4. Ronald Loftin
5. Jeff Zabek
6. Sean Ward
At locked screen, use root passwd to login, no matter who the user is.
8.Michael Baumann
10.David Thorburn-Gundlach
To my knowledge, you cannot kill the screen lock (a la xlock under
openwin) and get to the desktop when it was kicked off from the CDE
front panel. Since CDE under 2.5.1 (and 2.6?) will not autolock and I
happen to prefer xlock anyway, [even though I've remapped my CDE lock
function to call xlock,] I just compiled up xautolock and have it
running; conveniently enough, xlock can be killed and the desktop is
11. Andrew Connell
12. Anthony Jon Pahl
13. Jay Morgan

Original message:
>Hi all,
>Solaris 2.5.1 , CDE 1.0.2
>What processes I must kill in order to unlock screensaver an return to
>the previous environment
>before locking.
>I have tried to kill from a remote machine the dtscreen process but
>nothing happened
>and an kill -HUP <dtsession pid> return me to the dtgreet screen.
>After dtscreen (and the dtexec partner) exited after some time they
>appear again.
>Who is responsible for reinitiated the dtscreen process?
>the "dtlogin stop|start" doesn't help me.
>I don't want to exit from windows only unlock.
>Thank you
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