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Date: Mon Mar 09 1998 - 11:14:10 CST

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Sun Managers:

This is a quicky. If you had to change the root password on a large number
of Sun workstations (+80), and you did not want to do it manually, how
would you do it?


I knew when I posted this question that I would get numerous responses -
they are pouring in. The two most frequently recommended solutions were to
use rdist or an expect script. rdist is probably the simpler solution;
but, based on what people have told me, expect may be well suited to this
task. Perl was also suggested and several people included portions of
scripts they use to perform similar tasks. What I probably will do is use
rdist for a quick solution and then educate myself on expect.

Thanks everyone and to the following people:

James Musso <>
"Jeffrey K. Pado" <>
Stephen Frost <>
Bob Fulwiler <>
Kurt Werth ph2493 <>
Rich Pieri <>
"Ayoub, Nicky" <>
Ozgur Erk <>
Aaron Lineberger <>
"Matthew Stier" <>
Derek Flynn <>
"Rodney C. Marable" <>
"Anthony Jon Pahl" <>
"Ian Wallace" <>
Mike Blandford <>
Bryan Hodgson <>
Ron Kelley <rkelly@InfoAve.Net>


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