SUMMARY: Fast Data Access MMU Miss

From: Tze Wong (
Date: Sun Mar 08 1998 - 18:50:17 CST

It's just simply Ultra does not support Solaris 2.4
The machine was installed Solaris 2.5.1, its my fault to not check it
out properly. ;->
Thanks to Matthew Stier, Casper Dik, and Peter Bestel.

Original post:

I have an Ultra Enterprise 450, with Solaris 2.4 installed. When I
tried to re-installed the Solaris 2.4 ( need to reconfigure the file
system ) by booting up the installation disk from cdrom ("boot cdrom"
in ok prompt ), i got the following error message:
Boot device:/pci@1f, 4000/scsi@2/disk@6,0:f File and args:
Fast Data Access MMU MissWhat might be the caused? Please help!

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