SUMMARY: Disk naming with sar

From: SI-Gaetan Boudreau (boudreg@IRCM.UMontreal.CA)
Date: Fri Mar 06 1998 - 13:35:11 CST

The question was:
How do you translate the disk name given by sar (ex: sd1) with the more
familiar one given by df (ex: c0t1d0)

The answer is to run this script (from Sun):
(each line is separated by a blank line)

cd /dev/rdsk

/usr/bin/ls -l *s0 | tee /tmp/d1c |awk '{print "/usr/bin/ls -l "$11}' |
sh | awk '{print "sd" substr($0,38,4)/8}' > /tmp/d1d

awk '{print substr($9,1,6)}' /tmp/d1c |paste - /tmp/d1d

rm /tmp/d1[cd]

It will produce something like:
c0t1d0 sd1
c0t3d0 sd3
c0t6d0 sd6
c1t0d0 sd15
c1t1d0 sd16
c1t2d0 sd17
c1t3d0 sd18
c1t5d0 sd20

Thanks to all that took the time to help.

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