[SUMMARY] SPARCstation 20 memory...

From: Paul H. Yoshimune (pauly@katana.com)
Date: Fri Mar 06 1998 - 01:02:56 CST

Thanks to:

Raymond Wong <negativl@netcom.com>
Edward C. Zimmermann <edz@bsn.com>
Matthew Stier <matthew.stier@tddny.fujitsu.com>
David S. Foster <foster@bial1.ucsd.edu>

I got a couple of suggestions about which slots to install memory in, but
nothing about whether memory interleaving is done, what performance issues
exist, etc. Basically, the ordering is:

J0201 SIMM0
J0202 SIMM2
J0203 SIMM5
J0301 SIMM3
J0302 SIMM6
J0303 SIMM1
J0304 SIMM7 J0407 VSIMM0
J0305 SIMM4 J0406 VSIMM1

No one had any suggestions/replies about the VSIMM situation, and whether 2
4m VSIMMs could be used in lieu of one 8m VSIMM.

Two replies stated that Barracudas should *not* be used internally in an SS20
due to cooling concerns. A well-ventilated external enclosure should be used

Thanks as always!

Original query follows:

> Managers:
> I'm in the process of upgrading from a SS2 to an SS20, and have a couple of
> configuration questions:
> 1) I have two 64m DIMMs. Does the SS20 take advantage of memory interleaving?
> If so, which slots should I pair up? The memory is currently in the two
> frontmost slots, J0201 and J0202. From front to rear, the remaining slots
> are labelled J0203, J0301, J0302, J0303, J0304, and J0305. J0304 and J0305
> (rearmost) have the VSIMM slots next to them.
> 2) I have one 4m VSIMM, in the J0304/J0407 (frontmost of the two) slots. I had
> it in the rearmost slot at first, but got nothing out of the monitor in that
> position. If I want to run 1280x1024x76 at true color, do I need to get an
> 8m VSIMM, or can I just add another 4m VSIMM?
> 3) There are currently two IBM 1g drives internally. I'm somewhat worried
> about these, as I just had the same model drive (DPES-31080) die last week
> in my SS2. As there's so little clearance between the drives for airflow,
> can I safely run one, or even two, Barracudas internally?
> Thanks; as always, all replies are greatly appreciated, and will be summarized.

Paul H. Yoshimune

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