SUMMARY: IP re-addressing of an NIS (YP) master

From: Stan Higa (
Date: Thu Mar 05 1998 - 13:24:14 CST

Before I get to the summary, here is the question:

> I'm looking for advice on an NIS (not NIS+) and IP re-addressing
> problem.
> We are soon to move an NIS master to a new building. In the process the
> master will be assigned a new IP on a new subnet. The slave servers and
> clients will not be moved and will retain their IPs. (These systems have
> the master's current IP in their local /etc/hosts.)
> What is the procedure for re-addressing a NIS master?

Now for the summary:

Toby Creek and Matthew Lee Stier suggested a re-build of the domain.
Toby's response is succinct enough to give in full:
> Change the hosts file on the master. Don't make it.
> Move the master.
> Bring up the master on the new IP. Slaves should still run without
> problems.
> Do ypinit -m on master. Enter your slaves.
> On slaves, do ypinit -s [name of master].
> You are done. Don't sweat it too much; it's not that difficult.

Ginny Bolyard suggested a different approach:
> I would suggest changing the IP in the NIS map, and push it to
> your slaves before moving. I would also change the IP in the local hosts
> file on your slaves before you bring you master on-line with
> the new IP.

Finally, some "gotchas":
- NIS does not automatically cross subnets. In general, you should have
  one slave per subnet.
- Plan on logging into the slaves to pull the updated maps from the
- Verify that all slaves are bound to themselves or at least not to
  the master.
- Solaris 2.X NIS clients consult /etc/nsswitch.conf, so the order of
  the "nis" and "files" entries is important.

Thanks to all the respondents:

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