SUMMARY Update NIS+, Firewall1 & CDE info

From: Carlos Sevillano (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 09:35:26 CST

Regarding information on Firewall1 besides the stuff at Checkpoints site,
I found a reference at:

Thanks to for pointing out that the web page for
FAQ on Firewall1 has moved to:

About NIS migration and NIS+ thanks those who sugested using the
Solaris Answer Book and the Solaris Answer Book Supplement.

As for Books read previous posting attached:

Thanks to all who responded:

Steven Sakata <>
Charlie Mengler <>
Sanjiv K. Bhatia <>
Ning Zhang <>


Sanjiv K. Bhatia recommended three books on CDE:
Charles V. Fernandez. Configuring CDE: The Common Desktop
Environment. ISBN 0-13-102724-7

Common Desktop Environment 1.0: User's Guide. CDE Documentation
Group. ISBN: 0-201-48951-1

Common Desktop Environment 1.0: Advanced User's and Systems
Administrators' Guide. CDE Documentation Group. ISBN: 0-201-48952-X

Ning Zhang recommended to go to where I found
books on NIS+, NFS, and Solaris Administration: Search for books & CDE, NFS, NIS+

System Administrator's Guide 2nd Edition
by Janice Winsor ISBN 1-57870-039-6

CDE-10-DOC Hardcopy Documentation

CDE Technical Q&A

All About Administering NIS+, 2nd ed. (Ramsey)
ISBN 0-13-309576-2 $42.50

NFS and NIS (Old 1991)
Managing NFS and NIS By Hal Stern 1st Edition June 1991
ISBN 0-937175-75-7, 436 pages, $27.95

CDE Whitepaper

Original Question:
> I am looking for complete and detailed books on:
> NIS+ setup, management, troubleshooting, NIS to NIS+ migration.
> NFS setup, management, troubleshooting v2 & v3...integration with NT.
> CDE setup, management, troubleshooting...etc
> Checkpoint Firewall1 v3.0a & v3.0b (UNIX & NT)
> I would appreciate any URL or book suggestions.
> Thanks
> Carlos Sevillano
> 212 297-6871

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