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From: Andrew Connell (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 09:34:33 CST

Thanks to everyone who responded - you've all been a tremendous help! It
seemed that question had been posed several times before and that it was
old hat - sorry for pulling that old body out of the grave and thank you
for taking the time to go over it once again. In short, the consensus
(most adamantly and concisely stated by Rich Kulawiec in his article
"backups of multi-user systems") seemed to be that it's fine to do dumps
in multi-user mode as ufsdump has evolved through the ages (versions) to
perform just that function. It seems the majority do late night/early
morning dumps in multi-user mode very regularly and have had no trouble
with restoring the fs's when the time came, thus it works!

As for Solstice, the group is split - some swear by it saying the
automation is nice while others swear at it (sorry Steve) saying Windows
95 has tighter code - yikes! ;-)

Thanks again to all who replied! --Andrew
Tom Dean
David B. Staggs
Stephen Semonsky
Charlie Mengler
Ning Zhang
Karl Vogel
Scott F. Woods
Jim Robertori
Michael Pins
D. Stewart McLeod
Chris Tessone
Craig L. Gruneberg
Stephen Harris
David Thorburn-Gundlach
Bhaba R. Misra
Rodney C. Marable
Chris Marble
Ronald Loftin
Ju-Lien Lim
Daniel Lorenzini
James Hutchinson
Rick Dempster
Marc S. Gibian
Kevin Sheehan
Howard Modell
John Reynolds
Dean, Cynthia B. (Cyndi)
Phillips Nguyen
Brion Leary
Leo Crombach
Rich Kulawiec
Asim Zuberi
John Horne
David Harte
Brian T. Wightman
Matt Reynolds
Robert T. Clift

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