SUMMARY: Ultra 5 & 10 memory and video

From: Richard.Dansereau@EE.UManitoba.CA
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 14:57:54 CST

Hello all!

Thanx for the replies. Still a couple of uncertainties as
to what the new Ultra 5's and 10's can support as far as
off the shelf components. This is a compiled version of
all the information people replied back to me.

Ultra 5's and 10's
        Hard drives
                - Takes standard off the shelf EIDE hard drives
                - Limited space inside Ultra 5 case. Only 1 hard drive
                  and 1 CD-ROM can fit.
                - You can only use SCSI hard drives if you get a third-party
                  SCSI PCI card (for instance, I think they suggest the
                  Adaptec 2940).
        CD-ROM drives (EIDE/U-ATA)
                - One fellow said they took at standard Toshiba 24x EIDE CD-ROM
                  and it worked just fine. Another fellow seemed to suggest
                  that you HAD to get it from Sun since it had to have special
                  firmware so that Solaris would recognize it. Any other ideas?
                - A bit of confusion here still. Apparently it is standard
                  DIMM memory but some seem to suggest that the jumper configuration
                  on the DIMM's is different. I know we had this problem with
                  some SIMM's we bought for NCD X-terminals since the machine
                  didn't recognize it properly. Might be the same case here.
                  Any other testimonies would be appreciated.
                - 10/100 bit/s ethernet. This is pretty obvious from Sun.
                - One response I got said that a regular [S]VGA monitor can
                  be hooked up to the machine. Also, someone else took a monitor
                  off of a Gateway PC and said it worked fine. Also, you can
                  get one of the 13w3 adapters to hook up other older Sun monitors.

If anyone finds out any more tidbits.. email me!


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