SUMMARY: syslogd dies on 2.6

From: matthew zeier (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 13:52:48 CST

Original question:

> I've got two nearly identical Solaris 2.6 machines (one has the 2.6
> recommended patches, the other doesn't). One's my desktop machine and
> the other's a mailhost.
> I've noticed that over the course of a week, syslogd will just die for
> no apparent reason. Can't locate a left over core file either. Anyone
> having similar problems or know of a fix I might have over looked?

Solution (from "Jody L. Baze" <>):

Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 17:19:56 -0700 (MST)
From: "Jody L. Baze" <>
To: matthew zeier <>
Subject: Re: syslogd dies on 2.6

This is a well-known problem with 2.6 - I've had a bug report files for
months now. If Sun has a patch they haven't let me know... Anyway, the
problem is an apparent race condition that allows a HUP through when there's
no handler for it. You can easily reproduce the problem by HUPing syslogd
3-4 times.

My workaround was to use the the syslogd from 2.5.1. Good luck!


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