SUMMARY: Installing a disk with scsi id 8.

From: Kevin Warren (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 06:44:57 CST

Original post:
> Please help, I've spent most of the afternoon reading the manual, and
> most of this evening searching through this mailing list's archive...
> I add a Seagate Elite 9Gb drive at ID 8.
> touch /reconfigure
> reboot
> no sign of it in /dev/rdsk/
> I disable disk at ID 3
> reboot
> There it is from format within format. (Of course, /dev/rdsk/c2t3d0s4
> already exists, but I thought touch /reconfigure should enable new
> disks. Certainly on boot up it says it's rebuilding /dev/rdsk)
> I've successfully formatted, partitioned and mounted it.
> Problem is I've had to lose a disk.
> 8 is chosen because I already have IDs 0-7 in use.
> System = Solaris 2.4 running on Sparc server 1000E.
> This MUST be simple, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong. A previous
> posting to this list mentioned altering the sd config file but I don't
> seem to have a /usr/kvm/sys directory.


Though the external disk array is wide (allowing IDs of 8+) the
controller is narrow (limiting IDs to 6-, 7 being reserved for the
controller itself).

Road to solution:

Viet Hoang helped me identify the disk as being wide (having 68 pins) as
opposed to narrow (having 50 pins). I'd reckoned on this but it was
nice to have it confirmed.

Matthew Stier, Sean Ward and Dimitris Evmorfopoulos confirmed that the
SPARC server 1000E only has Fast Narrow SE SCSI interfaces on the system

All the above and additionally Ning Zhang, Jeff Wasilko, Jack Szewczyk
and Paul Markham pointed out that having a narrow controller only IDs
0-6 are available. 7 is reserved for the controller.

Ning Zhang drew my attention to the probe-scsi-all command from the boot
monitor, but it was G Bhaskar who pointed out that if the drive didn't
show here then a reconfigure boot wasn't going to work.

Eddy Sutanto gave me the complete syntax for the touch /reconfigure
method for a reconfigure boot:

# touch /reconfigure
# _INIT_RECONFIG=YES /etc/init.d/drvconfig
# _INIT_RECONFIG=YES /etc/init.d/devlinks

Apparently these steps MUST be performed in born shell.

He also casually mentioned that boot -r from the ok prompt achieves the
same thing so I've changed to this method now.Also,

Sean Ward discretely told me that /usr/kvm/sys is on SunOS 4.x. For
Solaris, I'd need to change /kernel/drv/sd.conf .

Thanks for all your help everyone. I'm sorry if I've missed anyone out
but I've only mentioned those people that gave me information that led
to the answer. I haven't made my mind up whether mentioning names is
appropriate. It's nice to be thanked for when you help I agree, but it
can become something of a roll call with so many respondants. The one
issue I have made my mind up on is that including respondant's e-mail
addresses should not be done. I already receive enough spam and I'm
sure respondants do too.

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