SUMMARY: boot block configuration

From: Art Freeman (
Date: Tue Mar 03 1998 - 04:15:18 CST

     Original question:
     I am configuring a boot/install server using jumpstart. However, I'd
     like to include not only solaris 2.x systems but also sunos 4.1.x
     systems. The problem I am having is that installboot on the install
     server (solaris 2.6) does not seem to able to generate the appropriate
     boot blook code for sunos 4.1.4 . I would appreciate any comments,
     suggestions and/or solutions. Thanks in advance.
     Use the Sunos 4.1.4 installboot program together with the Solaris 2.6
     sunos 4.x compatibility libraries. These libraries are not, by
     default, part of the memory resident os, therefore they must be added
     to the set of libraries that are loaded when using jumpstart; or
     alternately, the compatibility libraries can be made available by NFS.
     Special thanks to <> for providing the solution.
     Also, I appreciated the comments and suggestions from the following
     --Art Freeman
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