SUMMARY: Displaying Answerbook with Exceed

From: Greg Weingart (
Date: Mon Mar 02 1998 - 12:14:37 CST

Here is my original post:
>I am looking for a way to view answerbook from PC's running the Exceed
>PC Xserver ( V 6.0). I found the following in the Solaris2 FAQ:
>In Solaris 2.3 through 2.5.1 answerbook uses X extension DPS. If you
>using the MIT server instead of what Sun provides, you'll have to use
>one of several "answerbook workaround" scripts that are in circulation.
>The AnswerBook distributed with 2.3 and later runs with the OW3.3
>X11R5+DPS server, so it should display on any X11+DPS server, such as
>DEC, IBM and SGI workstations.
>Can anyone point me to some of the "answerbook workaround" scripts
>mentioned in the FAQ?
>I realize that 2.6 uses SGML format; and that they are available via
><<>>| , but due to our current software limitations,
>running 2.6 is not an option, and I can't justify tying up internet
>bandwidth for something we could run locally.
>BTW, we are running Solaris 2.5.1 and X11R63.

Here are the Replies:
Sure, there is a shar archive of a C program to do it in the archives
for this list. go to and
search in Dec 97 for karmaint.

Good luck,

shriman gurung <Shriman Gurung []>
sg n datcon n co n uk
If you can get your hands on a copy of 2.6, the ab2 packages install and
run fine under 2.5.1.

        Ian <Ian TCollins []>
Hi Greg

Sometime ago, a summary related to your question was posted to the list.
I kept it, to analyze it later, when I could find some free time.
I still wasn't able to find that spare time to read it and try this
but I include that mail. It might help you.
If you find out something new regarding this matter, please let me know
Mariel <Mariel Feder []>

I just read your message and decided to try using the answerbook running
my laptop. I don't use Exceed PC Server, but I use a product called
Suite for X by WRQ in Oregon. I brought up an xterm from our server
through my ISP at home over 33.6 modem, set the display to my current IP
typed answerbook and whalaaaa!!!! it came up without a hitch. To me
this is one
of the best XProtocol Stack products out today. The official web site

I just wanted to bounce of my opinion, since I've heard so many bad
things about
Exceed, which is one of the reasons I chose not to use the product at
our site. I
did research thoroughly and found the Reflection Suite For X to be the
best product
for now.

- Wally Winzer Jr. <Auteria Wally Winzer Jr.

Many thanks to all who replied. I initially tried the scripts mentioned
Shriman and Mariel, but I had a font problem, and after discovering that

the links in Answerbook do not work, I have decided to take Ian's advice
and install the ab2 package on 2.5.1. This will suffice until we can
up a 2.6 server. Thanks again for all of the input.

Greg Weingart
Network Systems Administrator
Ramtron International Corp
Co Springs, CO 80921

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