SUMMARY Re: More on the Sunnodename

From: erin o'neill (
Date: Tue Feb 24 1998 - 16:28:59 CST


Ok my question was about my nodename being randomly changed to -s. There was
no one else on the system, the system was NOT rebooted nor were any cron jobs
running at the timestamp on the /etc/nodename file.

It was baffling!

Ppl said to reset the nodename by doing a uname -S name & some suggested I do a
sysunconfig, others suggested I remove the setuname out of the rc2.d area. I
tried all but the unconfig. And they all worked .... for awhile.

Then today will working on installing apache I went to lunch & finally I found
out what was re-setting the uname!!!

See it was easier for me to do all this editing & makefile stuff in the tcsh
environment (which I didn't use to use). So I'd log in as me, su to root &
then run tcsh. Then if I remained inactive for any length of time tcsh would
auto-logout with this command:
ln -s auto-logout

and my nodename would be switched to -s!!!

I'll stop using tcsh as root (I don't get logged out as me!)

Thanks for all the suggestions!


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