SUMMARY: ksh help

From: Thomas Wong (
Date: Tue Feb 24 1998 - 12:27:00 CST

Thanks to the following people for their replies:
Suzanne Taylor <>
Jon Anderson <>
"Mark Canfield" <>

My original question was:

Howdy folks. I've setup one of my users with ksh as his default shell. And
we're finding that when he login to his Sparc 5 running Solaris, opens up a
terminal from the CDE desktop that even though the shell is indeed ksh, his
.profile was not executed hence his .kshrc is also not processed. We put "who"
in the .profile so that we know whether it gets executed or not. And aliases in
the .kshrc. Not only that, but commands like Esc-K for history also doesn't

I have to "su - {userID}" to make .profile/.kshrc work (even the Esc-K works).
If I telnet back onto the same machine it'll also work. But any which way, when
the user login initially, the .profile/.kshrc should have been processed right?
Any ideas why the Terminal's shell have this scale down version of ksh? Thanks.

The Answer:

Silly me forgot about the ".dtprofile". The default for this file has the
DTSOURCEPROFILE=true command commented out. We have to uncomment this line to
activate it. Then logout and login again to have the .profile file sourced.

Thanks again for all the replies.


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