SUMMARY: Perl mailing list?

From: Ning Zhang (
Date: Tue Feb 24 1998 - 12:09:45 CST

1. Perl Mailing List:
a. comp.lang.perl.misc

2. More Information About Perl:

3. Details about how to subscribe:
Here's the instructions on subscribing to the perl mailing list.
Date: 8 Mar 97 21:33:47 GMT (Last modified)
From: (Perl-Users-Digest Admin)
Subject: Digest Administrivia (Last modified: 8 Mar 97)
Message-Id: <null>
The Perl-Users Digest is a retransmission of the USENET newsgroup
comp.lang.perl.misc. For subscription or unsubscription requests, send
the single line:
        subscribe perl-users or:
        unsubscribe perl-users
To submit articles to comp.lang.perl.misc (and this Digest), send your
article to
To submit articles to comp.lang.perl.announce, send your article to
To request back copies (available for a week or so), send your request
to with the command "send perl-users x.y",
where x is the volume number and y is the issue number.

The Meta-FAQ, an article containing information about the FAQ, is
available by requesting "send perl-users meta-faq". The real FAQ, as it
appeared last in the newsgroup, can be retrieved with the request "send
perl-users FAQ". Due to their sizes, neither the Meta-FAQ nor the FAQ
are included in the digest.

The "mini-FAQ", which is an updated version of the Meta-FAQ, is
available by requesting "send perl-users mini-faq". It appears twice
weekly in the group, but is not distributed in the digest.

For other requests pertaining to the digest, send mail to Do not waste your time or mine
sending perl questions to the -request address, I don't have time to
answer them even if I did know the answer.

End of Perl-Users Digest V8 Issue 1917


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