SUMMARY: how to configure dual ip interfaces

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Date: Fri Feb 20 1998 - 08:52:03 CST

Thanks for the many quick responses. The original question was:

I have 2 ethernet cards in an ultra 450 running solaris 2.5.1. The machine will
serve as a proxy-server. I want one of the interfaces to be an ip address that
the internet will talk to the proxy server with, and the other to be an ip
address that my intranet will talk to the proxy with.

My problem is that I can't tell solaris to keep both interfaces active. One is
the "default" or "primary" interface. Between boots, it remains configured and
active. The other one, "hme1", I set up as shown below, but when I reboot, all
knowledge of it is gone.

Here's how i tried to set it up:
ifconfig hme1 <ip address> plum
ifconfig hme1 <ip address> up

after doing the above, ifconfig -a shows it the way i want it. But then after i
reboot, ifconfig -a doesn't show it at all.

the answer, is:

"Solaris does NOT rember anything you do with ifconfig. There is a file
in /etc called "hostname.hme0" it is used by the rc scripts to config
your NIC, all you need to do is make a "hostname.hme1" with th name or
IP of the second NIC and the systems will auto config it on reboot."

        - Igor Kolker

Thanks also to the following people for giving the same answer:
D.J. Gregor, Nick Falkner, Derek_Schatz, Shahrol Halmi, Joel Lee, Mark Spooner,
Daniel Kluge, & Stephen Frost.

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