SUMMARY: 2 Gig Internal on a Sparc 1

From: Harry Ford (
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 08:40:21 CST

As always, thanks to everyone for their quick and informative replies. My
original question is below.

The answer seems to be:
1) The newer, larger-capacity actually take less power than the old,
original 200 or 400 meg drives that came with the sparc 1's. So that is not
an issue as long as the drive consumes about 12 or fewer watts (as the
older drives do)

2) The real question is whether the Sparc 1 will be able to handle the heat
from the larger drive. The Sparc 2's, as I understand, had an additional
cooling fan to handle these situations, but one must be careful that the
drive just doesn't burn up in the Sparc 1.

MY Solution has evolved into: The purchase of a 2 gig internal for the
Sparc1 (used) that spins at 5400RPM as opposed to 7200. Although this
decreases performance, this machine is mainly a backup server -- hence
performance is not a crucial issue for me. AND the lower RPM should
decrease the heat sent out by the drive.

And, FYI, the original 1Gig drives that Sun still supports in the Sparc1's
are very hard to come by... it was even pretty hard to find a 5400RPM 2gig.
 Seems like all resellers are selling now are 2gig, 7200RPM barracudas...

Thanks again to everyone, (esp Gary W. Cook, Mike Frisch and Dave Floyd for
the details)

---------- Original Question ------------
At 11:28 AM 2/18/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I needed a bigger disk for my Sparc 1 "Legato Machine" but I was under the
>impression that 400Meg was the biggest they made them because of power
>supply issues (as in, the little Sparc 1 does not have an adequate power
>supply for a 2 gig disk). Nevertheless, I was just quoted a price on a 2
>Gig internal drive for a Sparc 1 -- The woman from the reseller said it was
>new and under warranty and *made* for a Sparc 1. She said there would be no
>problems with the power supply.
>Am I getting shafted here? Could someone give me either the OK or the "No
>Way" on this issue. I'd greatly appreciate it and will, of course,

 Harry Ford * * Market News Service, New York, NY

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