SUMMARY: Logical Volume Manager for Solaris 2.5.1

From: Nibby, Dana (WT Chen) (
Date: Thu Feb 19 1998 - 10:07:45 CST

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My question was:

  Does Solaris 2.5.1 have a logical volume manner, or any other utility
for making a filesystem span more than one
     physical drive? One a drive is in use, is there any easy way to
dynamically extend a filesystem on it to include
     another drive? Thanks.


 Answer is:

    There's a separate CD-ROM called "Solstice DiskSuite" which will do
the job - also, "Veritas Volume Manager".
    Overall, respondents seem to prefer Veritas to DiskSuite. DiskSuite
comes free with the 2.6 Solaris distribution;
    not sure about 2.5.1. Off I go to hunt for the CDs!

 - Dana

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