Summary: LX disk on a Sparc10?

From: David J. Knight (
Date: Wed Feb 18 1998 - 08:22:30 CST

Thanks for the prompt responces.

The concensus is that yes the disk will physically fit.
Just remove the LX mounting bracket and use the Sparc10 bracket.
And that yes, likely the OS will have to be reloaded.
Some suggested that it might be possible to make a few
changes to the LX system disk and have it boot a sparc10,
but, seems the easiest, most sure, and least consuming
of my time, is to just reload Solaris.

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     We had a disk fail on a Sparc 10.
I have an LX that doesn't get used much.
Can a take the disk out of the LX and put it
in the Sparc10 until replacment disk can be delivered?
i.e. does it have the same form factor and connectors?
(I would rather be without an LX for awhile than without a 10)

If it physcially works, will the OS have to be reloaded?

Thanks for your help
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