SUMMARY: sendmail multiple domains

Date: Tue Feb 17 1998 - 14:39:18 CST

(Original question below.)
For now, I followed the suggestions of a few people and simply added a "Cm"
line to my file. This will hold me over until I can upgrade to
v8.8 of sendmail. The CM line basically looks like:
I didn't think it would be so easy. I realize this will not handle the same
usernames in different domains as distinct users, but for my case that is
alright for now.
Someone asked me to list the useful related web sites I found. They are:

Thanks to everyone who sent me their help:
Jeff Graham, Chuck Kenyon, Larry Chin, Alessandro Forghieri, Rich Kulawiec,
Daniel Kluge, Fredrik Rosenbecker, Chris Cariffe, David Wolfskill,, Chris Spencer, Rodney C. Marable, Joel Turoff
I know this subject has come up before but I hope nobody minds me asking a
slightly different variation on it.
I've searched through old mailings and the archives (both with some good
Summaries), and some of the really good sendmail resources out there on the
Web (nice finding these, they have a lot of info).
I have the stock sendmail, SMI-8.6, that comes with Solaris 2.5.1. Its
working great handling my one domain (say, A.COM), but I would now like to
support a second domain (B.COM).
>From everything I've searched through it seems the only way to really do
is with downloading and compiling the latest sendmail v8.
Is it really impossible to do with the version of sendmail I now have? Or
so next-to-impossible that its crazy to even consider it?
I am sitting behind a firewall, so I am not too concerned about not having
the latest security patches the newer version would provide. I also would
rather not have to rebuild a new sendmail configuration from scratch at this
I realize there are many benefits to the newer version, but I wanted to know
if it is truly my ONLY choice or just the BEST choice.
Thanks for the experience and insights anyone can provide!
Elaine Lolos

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