[SUMMARY] Problems installing 4.2GB disk in Ultra

From: foster@bial1.ucsd.edu
Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 18:33:18 CST


  Could not install new 4.2GB drive in Ultra. It insisted on being in
  slot 0, so I had to move the original system disk to slot 1.

        1. Installing 4.2GB disk in slot 0, original 2.1GB disk in slot 1.
        2. Modifying /etc/vfstab to reflect new SCSI target #1
        3. boot disk1 -r

  I would always get an error about not being able to mount /usr, and the
  system would not boot up.

  There is a summary in the Sun Manager's Archives (Jan 98) entitled
  "SUMMARY: adding a disk to an Ultra1" that suggests a workaround,
  but this would have been almost as much work as my solution...


  Here's a skeleton summary of what I ended up doing:

     1. back up the 2.1GB system disk using a nifty script (ufsdump)
     2. install the 4.2GB disk in slot 0 and the 2.1GB disk in slot 1
     3. use format to partition the 4.2GB disk as my new system disk
     4. restoring the system onto the 4.2GB disk (ufsrestore)
     5. boot -r (from new 4.2GB disk)
     6. re-partitioning the 2.1GB disk as swap and "extra room"

          [email me if you want more details of what I did]

   What a royal pain-in-the-butt! The solutions I received would not work;
   most suggested either "boot disk1 -r" (after moving 2.1GB->slot1) or
   "boot cdrom -sw", but neither of these update the device files. The
   first fails because, as I learned in the summary referred to above,
   you can't update the device files when the "new" device you need to
   configure is the boot disk! And booting from cdrom fails because
   drvconfig *insists* on writing to /etc/path_to_inst, which obviously
   fails on the CDROM; this prevents the device files from being updated.

   There is also another SUMMARY (May 1997) entitled

        "SUMMARY: Swapping disks between systems"

   that looked like it would be helpful (an assortment of suggestions
   involving drvconfig, devlinks, disks, updating path_to_inst, and
   copying device files from the mini-root after booting from CDROM).
   NONE of these solutions worked.

   I can't believe that there is no other solution, but I did not receive
   any from the list or other resources (newsgroups, FAQs, Sun tech. support).
   If anyone knows of other solutions, PLEASE post them so noone else has
   to endure this problem!

   Thank-you to everyone who took their precious time to answer my post!


Hello Managers!

I am very stuck, please tell me what I have done wrong or forgotten!

TASK: Install new 4.2GB disk in Ultra1 (Solaris 2.5 with Rec. Patches)


  The 4.2GB disk will only fit in slot 0, so the system disk (2.1GB) must be
  moved to slot 1. Here are the steps I took:

        1. Modified /etc/vfstab and changed SCSI targets from 0 to 1
           (c0t0d0s? to c0t1d0s?) for all partitions on 2.1GB disk.
        2. Installed 4.2GB disk in slot0, and 2.1GB disk in slot1.
        3. boot cdrom -rsw
        4. boot disk1

  The error message I get is:

        mount:/dev/dsk/c0t1d0s1 or /usr, no such file or directory

PRTCONF shows that the devices are "attached", and it looks like the
appropriate device files are in /dev/dsk. Can someone *please* tell
me what I have left out? (Even flames are welcome at this point!)



Did you boot disk1 -r to rebuild it's /dev and /devices? I notice you did
under the cdrom but your post does not indicate for the boot to the system


[Darren Dunham : ddunham@taos.com]

If you can remount it (possibly back on 0) you might try adding an
explicit argument in /etc/system for the root drive. It's normally
commented out in default configurations.


[Shubin Wang : shubin@brain2.nida.nih.gov]

It's seems you did everything OK, but did you tried following
commands before you reboot the machine?

# touch /reconfigure
# boot -r
# drvconfig
# disks

I saw a Summary posted on the list a couple weeks ago about
the same question as yours. It's on a SS20 and it seems the
slot0 always to be SCSI ID0. Call Sun to find out if you can
put a system disk in solt 1.
Good luck!


[Christian Masopust : Christian.Masopust@tmn.sie.siemens.at]

I think you forgot to reboot from disk1 with -r. boot cdrom -rsw isn't really
necessary, but 'boot disk1 -r' (and you should set your boot-device to disk1 too)
is absolutly necessary...


[David Thorburn-Gundlach : david@bae.uga.edu]

This is exactly like a problem that came up recently. Check the
archives for 1998 (I think it was in January) for keywords similar to
your problem to see what the other fellow did.


[Chuck Simpson : csimpson@zeltech.com]

Try "boot disk1 -r"
Its just a hunch...


[Mike Salehi : mrs@cadem.mc.xerox.com]

 I think ultra ignores scsi id and the id is based on position. so you need
to modify
your vfstab and probably your devaliases in eeprom.

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