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From: Mark C. Farone (
Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 17:14:34 CST

Kudos to Joel Lee <>.
I have a new script running debug ftp.

>SRDB ID: 11438
>SYNOPSIS: Repeating console message: syslog: _s_synch: siptr: 390b0
>The message:
> syslog: _s_synch: siptr: 390b0
>repeats intermittently on the console. Stopping/Starting
>syslog does not fix the message.
>User had turned on debug mode from ftp. Every time he did a remote
>command within his ftp session it produced the message on his console.
>For example:
> ftp -p <system>
>Issue a "dir" command and the console will report the above message.
>Another possibility is that /etc/syslog.conf has been edited.
>To confirm do the following:
> cd /var/sadm/install
> grep syslog.conf contents
>Then do:
> sum /etc/syslog.conf
>The sum should match as follows:
>% grep syslog.conf contents
>/etc/syslog.conf e syslogconf 0644 root sys 1317 46619 831096150 SUNWcsr
> ^^^^^
>scotty% sum /etc/syslog.conf
>46619 3 /etc/syslog.conf
>(The sum may be different from this example)
>PATCH ID: n/a
>PRODUCT AREA: Gen. Network
>SUNOS RELEASE: Solaris 2.5

Original Question:

>Can anyone point me in the right direction for this syslog error?
>Feb 9 9:42:49 sun3 syslog:_s_synch:siptr 39368
>Feb 9 9:42:50 sun3 syslog:_s_synch:siptr 39368
>Feb 9 9:42:51 sun3 syslog:_s_synch:siptr 39368
>I've received several of these over the past 2 days.
>Coincidentally, one of my ODS mirrors was showing need for maintainence.

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