SUMMARY: DNS lookups in Sol 2.6

Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 10:41:33 CST

Original question:-

> Just installed our first few 2.6 clients.
> I've noticed lookups going to external DNS servers of the form:-
> "hostname,hostname2,hostname3.our-domain"
> where hostname,hostname2,hostname3 are the different interface
> names for a server, normally used only in automounter
> maps allowing the client to pick the interface closest
> to it. These occur whenever I login/rlogin to the 2.6 machines,
> not any 2.5/2.4 machines.Since we are on a dialup link I try to
> ensure that all queries forwarded to our ISP's DNS server are
> valid in order to reduce our dialup costs.
> I have a support call into Sun, currently there are no reports
> of this sort against 2.6, has anyone else noticed it?

This is a dummy summary as I'm not convinced the initial query + reposts
made it to the list for some other problem.

There is a bug in quota that results in the type of DNS requests
above, now noted by SunService, thanks to them for finding it.

Our workaround was to add the bad requests as CNAME entries to


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