SUMMARY: Nameserver problem

From: Detlev Habicht (
Date: Wed Feb 11 1998 - 06:35:39 CST

Hi all,

asking a question and waiting for Casper ...

My problem was:

 I am using an ISDN router in a home LAN with ISDN dialup
 and it seemed that Solaris 2.6 connect
 every nameserver 4 or 5 times per hour (the nameservers outside).
 This is a very expensive situation in Germany (or very nice for the
 german PTT ...).

 I don't know the reason for this.

Well, the answer from Casper Dik <casper@holland.Sun.COM>:

 Edit /etc/nscd.conf and set keep-hot-count hosts to 0.

 (it will periodically query all the cached hostnames)

Thanx to Casper for his work here.


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