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Date: Mon Feb 09 1998 - 15:54:04 CST

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Sun Managers:

To perform custom network installations, I have written a shell script which
uses the command line equivalents to Host Manager (Solstice Adminsuite).
This is so users who do not have root access can perform network

I recently set up a new install server (an Ultra 1) to install Solaris 2.6.
I have everything working fine except for one small issue: setting the
locale. The machine to be installed will stop and wait for someone to
select the correct locale before proceeding with the rest of the
installation. This occurs before the begin scripts are read so I can not
set it there. According to the installation guide, I can set the locale
either by putting it in the NIS maps or by issuing the "-p" option to
add_install_client. I'd rather not put it in the NIS maps and I am not
using add_install_client. It would be nice if admhostadd had an option
similar to the add_install_client -p option, but it doesn't.

Any suggestions for setting the locale?


I received three responses to my question. The best one came from David
Thorburn-Gundlach who pointed out that using the -p option to
add_install_client simply updates the NIS bootparams map to indicate the
location of the sysidcfg file.

Here is an excerpt from his response:

Leo --

Not sure exactly what you're doing with admhostadd, but the -p flag
for add_install_client simply flags the directory containing a file
named sysidcfg for the bootparams entry. Here's a sample bootparams
entry (line broken by the mailer):

========= ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= =========
install=gsun71:/export/install/2.6_1997-07-18 boottype=:in
install_config=gsun71:/export/install/jumpstart rootopts=:rsize=32768
========= ========= ========= ========= ========= ========= =========

As you can see, gsun176 is the client name, the client root directory
is in /export/install/BootImages/2.6_1997-07-18/Boot on gsun71 (the 25
subnet interface), the install media directory is on gsun71 in
/export/install/2.6_1997-07-18, the jumpstart config directory is on
gsun71 in /export/install/jumpstart, the sysidcfg file can be found on
gsun71 in /export/install/jumpstart, and the name service is YP.


He went on to suggest that I should be able to include this step in my shell
script for setting up a new client.

That is the approach I am going to take to solving this issue.

Thanks to the following individuals for there suggestions:

David Thorburn-Gundlach <>
Michael Pavlov <>
Jeff Woolsey <>


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