SUMMARY: boot problem on E450

From: Chin Hong Png (
Date: Fri Feb 06 1998 - 02:18:03 CST


Thanks to everyone for the prompt replies,

My Original Question:

I had face some probelm on cold and warm boot up the E450, the E450 always
boot up from net and pop
out the following message :

Boot device : net File and args:

Thereafter, it hang there.

I had check the printenv setting :
it shows:
boot-command boot
boot-device disk
diag-switch? false

But when I try to execute boot disk under the "ok" , the E450 boot up ok.

Is there any other setting under the "ok" prompt ?
Pls advise ?

Summary and solution:

Many people advise to check the flashprom level or need to update the
firmware on the system and
may be need to rebuild the kernel using boot -rv, and also check to see if
the key selection
on the frount panel is set to diagnostic mode.
Diagnostic mode defaults to net boot.

Other also advice to set the
auto-boot? true
mfg-diag-switch true {I can't find it inside E450 ?)
Or may be the either it has a faulty NVRAM or Boot PROM.

But at last I found out , the system had to set
diag-device to disk instead of net, inorder for the server
to properly boot up (either cold or warm boot) from disk.

Can someone highlight to me why the diag-device had to
set to disk, normaly it set to net for most of the server/workstation.


Chin Hong

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