SUMMARY: DNLC hit rate

From: Peter Schauss x 2014 (
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 11:52:45 CST

Two more very usefull responses to my original question:

From: Daniel Dunn <>

vmstat -s will give you the number of name lookups
and the hit rate. The amount of RAM in the system
determines the default value.

Check out Choose the system
administration option then do a search for dnlc.

The best source though is to search for
past articles by Adrian Cockcroft. Or get his
past articles by Adrian Cockcroft. Or get his
sun performance book.


From: Karl Vogel <>

# $Id: dnlc,v 1.2 1995/02/27 04:42:24 vogelke Exp $
# $Source: /usr4/cdc/vogelke/projects/tuning/RCS/dnlc,v $
# dnlc
# "dnlc" reports on Directory name lookup cache statistics from
# the kernel. This corrects a bug in vmstat.
# Kimberley Brown - UKAC Kernel Support
# comp.unix.solaris

export PATH

adb -k /dev/ksyms /dev/mem <<END
="** Directory/Inode Cache Statistics **"
ufs_ninode/D"Inode cache size"
ncsize/D"Directory name cache size"
ncstats/D"# of cache hits that we used"
+/D"# of misses"
+/D"# of enters done"
+/D"# of enters tried when already cached"
+/D"# of long names tried to enter"
+/D"# of long name tried to look up"
+/D"# of times LRU list was empty"
+/D"# of purges of cache"
<a*0t100%<n=D"Hit rate percentage"
="(See /usr/include/sys/dnlc.h for more information)"

exit 0

Thanks to everyone.

Peter Schauss
Gull Electronic Systems Division
Parker Hannifin Corporation
Smithtown, NY

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