SUMMARY: Need to take screen shot of CDE login screen

From: Marc S. Gibian (
Date: Wed Feb 04 1998 - 13:32:36 CST

Original question:

Can anyone provide instructions on how one might take a screen shot, say with
xv, of the CDE login screen? This seems like a chicken and egg problem as one
must be logged in to take the screen shot, but once logged in, how do you
display the login screen?


None of the non-PC solutions worked, in most cases just hanging and doing
nothing. We found the desired image in an answerbook, grabbed it and manipulated
it with a number of tools until it was in the desired format. That is good
enough, though I still don't understand why nothing recommended worked.

Solaris suggestions solution:

>> Try telneting in and using xwd -display <display> -root -out /tmp/foo.xwd

This is the one I tried, with the result being the xwd command just waiting and
doing nothing. I had expected that it would either fail due to x security
considerations, grab the wrong display, or work. But instead, it just sits there
doing nothing?

There were a couple of suggestions to use Xnest, but that was much more
complicated than what seemed justified for what the image was to be used for.

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