SUMMARY: wu-ftpd-2.4 and Sol 2.5.1 (fwd)

From: Robert L. Bailey (
Date: Mon Feb 02 1998 - 07:16:48 CST

Thanks to everyone who posted a solution to this problem.
I got a number of good ideas in respect to what was wrong,
but no lucky winners...

The problem ended up being that the automount had a -nosuid
option. Once I changed this there was no problem. I still can't
figure out how my original testing allowed the ftp session to work (maybe
a bug...?) but that's working now.

I still have one last issue though. the ftpaccess keyword upload option
doesn't work on 2.5.1. If I set it on 2.6 there is no problem, but on
2.5.1 I recieve a "fchown: not owner" error message, then it changes group
and ownership, but the file has a 0 block. Oh, it's wu-ftpd-2.4 (no beta).
Without the upload option there is no problem.... and.. ofcourse.. the
upload option is something that I need. (ain't it always this way?)

Thanks again for your help...

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Hi all,

I've run into a bit of a problem with running wu-ftpd-2.4 on solaris
2.5.1. I'm trying to setup a couple of guest ftp users, each with a
different login name and passwd but the same home directory - which
is an automounted fs. I've created (yes with mknod) /dev/zero,udp,tcp,
and /dev/ticotsord,ticots,ticlts. I've also copied the libs which are
needed for anonymous ftp. Then I created a guestftp group and added those
users to the group.

The problem is that when the users login any command executed, like PORT,
replys with a successful responce but then produces a 'cannot create data
socket (,20)' error. This problem doesn't occure in 2.6, and I
have had it up and running before on 2.5.1, but due to a moment of
complete stupidity I hosed that setup - and the notes that I made were off
a 2.6 system.

This is one of those 'has to be done yesterday' things... so I'm going
nuts working on it. Any help on this matter would be great, not to
mention that I could actually sleep once this is done.

Thanks all...

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