SUMMARY: Creating custom dtwmrc before Initial CDE login

From: Saurabh Jang (
Date: Thu Jan 29 1998 - 11:50:00 CST

My initial post had requested information on how to create a customized
dtwmrc for a user within their home directory which would take effect on
their very first CDE session, without adversly affecting the creation
of the rest of the $HOME/.dt directory structure, which is generated
by CDE session mnaager on the initial session.

I received two suggestions:

1. Login before the other user logs in and customize their dtwmrc.
   This is not a feasible solution in my case since this procedure had
   to be part of an automated install process for our software product.
   The login and editing could be automated, but there is an easier
   solution outlined below.

2. Create just $HOME/.dt directory and put a copy of the customized dtwmrc
   there. The remainder of the .dt directory structure will be automatically
   created by CDE session manager on the initial session.

This is the solution I used, with a minor change in that I created
$HOME/.dt/C and put the dtwmrc there to make it internationalization
clean for the future.

Since one of the repliers had asked, whether $HOME/.dt/dtwmrc took
precedence over $HOME/.dt/C/dtwmrc, the answer is NO. The dtwmrc in
$HOME/.dt/$LANG is looked for first.

Thanks to all those who replied.


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