SUMMARY: dual heads on SPARC

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Date: Wed Jan 28 1998 - 17:15:34 CST

Thanks for all the replies.

Most people pointed out that the main issue here is the attachment of
second keyboard/mouse. Good point and it most certainly is the crux of
the matter.

Solution :

an "X-term card" which is a FB with extra mouse/kb connector.
For those of you that are interested, I have refs at :
        * (thx Edward C.
        * Workstation Express catalog (vol. 12.0); only voice
        phone listed is 1-800-844-5757, but there's a "normal" FAX number:
        1-732-905-5708. The product is listed on p. 32; it's the "ESPRIX
        Graphics Accelerator w/Keyboard Port (thx David Wolfskill)
        * (thx John DiMarco)
        * Graphics Computer Systems web site under construction -

Note that James Hsieh suggests caution about the use of these in terms
of support & reliability.

Main alternatives were :
* Xterms
* Cheap old SPARC used with the Remote Login feature of CDE

These remain possibilities but my main motivation for dual heads was
that I can source the hardware (at least monitor, kb etc) very cheaply.

Thanks to :
Mariel Feder
Matthew Atkinson
Petri Kallberg
Edward C. Zimmermann
Ronald Loftin
Harvey Wamboldt
David Wolfskill
Ray Trzaska
Joseph S D Yao
John DiMarco
Cheryl L. Southard
James Hsieh


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