Summary: telnet without password to router

From: Ju-Lien Lim (
Date: Tue Jan 27 1998 - 14:05:21 CST

My thanks to everyone who responded:

Brian T. Wightman
James R Grinter
Jafar Shameem
Venkat D
David Schiffrin
Rogerio Rocha
Stephen Frost
Geoff Weller
Karl E. Vogel

Original question:
I was wondering, is it possible to do a telnet
session to a router without it having to prompt the
user for a password? (I'm trying to do something
similar to an rlogin or ssh to the router...) Any
suggestions would be welcomed!

The answer I was looking for was Expect (I knew it was
possible but couldn't remember the program name),
which allows one to automate any interactive process:

It's obtainable from the following sites:

Someone also suggested that if my router was a Cisco
try the following:

line vty 3
no login
transport input telnet
transport output telnet
telnet transparent
optional "autocommand <command> "

To invoke this, connect to the router like this:
"telnet router 3003". Some rev's os Cisco used
"telnet router 2003".

We used up to 100 ports for pad <->telnet conversion,
autocall's, router's exec access.

Thanks again!

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