Summary: RIP

From: Alan Fox (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 12:23:12 CST

The original post was:

>Well, I checked the answerbook and FAQ, asked several other administrators,
>and no one seems to have seen this problem but me.
> We have several year old Ultra 1 machines, and occasionally perfmeter
>comes up with R.I.P. in the window and you can't get any stats. Rebooting
>doesn't clear the problem. Any pointers on where else to look ?

Thanks to the many people who responded:
        Valerie Gray, Jim McVey, Daniel Baker, Derek Schatz, Ralph Dell, Eddy
Fafard, Harry Levinson, Jeff McCombs, and on....

Most people were right on about rstatd. I found that if I manually started it,
perfmeter worked ok. Inetd.conf, services, rpc were all configured the same
all systems. To make a long story short, I ended up trashing the default
nsswitch.conf and put 'files' first on the rpc, services, protocols, etc.
A quick reboot and perfmeter now works (they all had nis first before I
changed it). This all started when the network went 'south' three days ago.


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