SUMMARY: Disable admind, finger, RPC NIS, etc

From: Bob White (
Date: Fri Jan 23 1998 - 11:05:22 CST

Thanks to:

Venkat D
Christopher D. Croad
Daniel Dunn

Who all suggested that I edit the inetd.conf file,
hash out the program lines, find the pid for the
inetd daemon, and restart it. I've done this and
it works. (That is the programs don't work
anymore.) Many thanks guys.

Original problem:

Here is my situation: I have 1 Sun Sparc II
running SonOS 4.5/Solaris2.5. It's sole job is
data collection from a seismic network. The
data is then distributed using some sockets.
The system itself is behind our corporate
firewall. Some people at UC Berkeley want to
come in through the firewall and connect to the
socket and get the seismic data. The company
security people said okay, as long as I disable a
bunch of stuff on the Sun. They ran the Internet
Security Scanner and gave me a list of things to
disable or block. However, I am not much of a
Sun master (I usually deal in the PC world), and
we don't really have anyone else I can ask. So
if someone could please tell me how to disable
the following, I would greatly appreciate it:

Routed service active
RPC NIS update

I'd also like to know if disabling any of this is
liable to break my system. Thanks for your

Bob White
Scientific Specialist
Bechtel Nevada

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