SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6(x86) PPP

From: Robert L. Bailey (
Date: Thu Jan 22 1998 - 09:20:02 CST

Ok, after going crazy for a while I finaly found an answer to this

It came down to the speed field in the Systems file. From what I can
gather this is not the speed of the modem connection, but rather the speed
of the UART. I changed 115200 to 38200 and the connection went through
(connecting to my 28.8bps line). I still have problems connecting to my
56k line, but this might just be because of the x2 tech. being used by my
modem. One note though: pppd-2.3.3 has no such problem - so after the
challenge of setting up asppp was over I installed pppd-2.3.3 so that
I could use my higher speed connection.

Now I just have to get by ppp-client to route packets for my other solaris
boxes, which are connected via a hub. yes.. I'll spend a lot of time with
the manuals before I post that question. I was under the impression that
all I had to do was setup a /etc/gateways file (blank) on the ppp-client,
and add that host name into the other boxes' /etc/defaultrouter to get it
to work though. hmmm... maybe I should give FW a shot.

Well, thanks for listening to all of my babble here, and I hope this
summary will help out other lost souls..

Robert L. Bailey wrote:
> Hi all,
> I just installed Solaris 2.6 (x86) and I've been working on getting PPP up
> and running on it. I'm connecting my client to an ISP with dynamic IP
> allocation. I've used pppd-2.3 before on a Solaris 2.5.1 (x86) box, but
> this time I thought I'd give the stock asppp a shot.
> I can connect to the ISP ok, but I keep getting the following errors.
> I've seen something like this before with ppp-2.2 - it was because I
> didn't install the bsd_compression module. However I can't seem to find a
> module like this with the stock asppp.
> Oh, yea I did use the "" P_ZERO "" \d\d setting in the Systems file.
> It could have something to do with an 8bit line, because if I use "cu"
> to connect to that site I have to use a "-b 8" option.
> Is there a way to set that via asppp? or does the P_ZERO take care of
> that.
> Here's the output of a debug level 8 log for asppp.
> Thanks All!
> Oh, I'll post a SUMMARY when I get this little bugger up and running.

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