SUMMARY: puzzling behavior during Solaris 2.6 install

From: Judith Reed (
Date: Wed Jan 21 1998 - 07:17:36 CST

Thanks to all who replied to my question about our inability to get a
Solaris 2.6 system to use all of a 4GB partition for swap, when configured as:

> Part Tag Flag Cylinders Size Blocks
> 0 swap wu 0 - 3879 4.00GB (3880/0/0) 8380800

The consensus is that while Solaris supports filesystems up to 1 terabyte,
swap will not use more than 2GB per swap space.

Some of the responses are below:
* I have had problems including cylinder 0 as part of a slice to be used
  for swap; my understanding at the time was that swap activity would
  trash what otherwise would be the disk labels.

----->> This sounded like a good hunch, so we tried starting from cylinder
        10, didn't make any difference.
The article refers to Solaris pre-2.6 but I believe that swap is not large
file aware. There is a limit of 2GB to the size of a swap partition. You
can add as many swap partitions as you like; there is no limit to the
total size of swap in Solaris 2.
        This is one of the places where Solaris is still 32 bit
        The only way to do this is to create 2 x 2GB swap partitions
from casper@holland.Sun.COM
You need to split the disk in two; Solaris 2.6 only supports upto 2GB
sized swap partitions. (The extra you see for /tmp is from the physical
memory that also counts as swap)

Judith Reed

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