SUMMARY: NetWare->Solaris Password Sharing?

From: The Hermit Hacker (
Date: Tue Jan 20 1998 - 21:41:51 CST

I didn't get many answers, but the only thing that appears to be a viable
solution for the environment I'm stuck in is "in the works"...the NDS
stuff. I researched that a bit, and the contract was signed sometime in
1996, and nothing has been heard of since :(

Oh well...I've been looking into the Samba aspect, just convincing the powers
that be is like banging ones head against a wall (but more painful *grin*)

The Hermit Hacker wrote:
> Hi...
> Does anyone know of any solution currently available such that I
> can share passwords between the two above environments? Its a real hard
> battle to fight when you have a Novell/NT department fighting anything
> going onto the Unix hosts because it means end-users have to remember more
> then one password... :(

From: Bryan Hodgson <>

Chameleon has a package that lets NT/Netware servers user NIS information.

I know of nothing that works in the reverse direction.

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From: Jim Harmon <>

First, take two aspirin.

Then, load SAMBA on the UNIX side. Any system running SAMBA will be
directly accessible via NT (IPX), and thus the UNIX passwords will work
assuming the existing passwd on UNIX is the same as the NetWare/NT side.

Otherwise, simply make sure everyone has NT 4.0 running, and wherever
UNIX passwds are required, simply configure the software to "remember"
the passwords. then it won't matter how many passwords you generate,
until they lose a connection and forget the password to get back in. :)

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================================================= From: Rachel Polanskis <>

Seriously, Sun is supposed to have signed a contract with Novell for NDS. I have yet to see it.

It's supposed to be some java API - I'd settle for good old C code and a couple of clients with a daemon.

AIX now has NDS services. Any help with this would be much appreciated - I am in *exactly* the same position. We want to be able to authenticate the user *once* and then we can give them all their MS junk, *and* makie sure they're not up to no good on the network!


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