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From: Luciano Freire - Estagiario do Lab da Pos-Graducao (
Date: Mon Jan 19 1998 - 06:51:05 CST

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 There insn't problem with the system operation.
 The df -k don't show the freed space because some active process was
still writing to some of the deleted files, removing the files doesn't
free the disk space until the process close the files or terminate or:

 1) if a file is open when it gets deleted, it hangs around until the
holding process closes it. That's why it's better to

> /some/file
        cat /dev/null > /some/file

if you're trying to free up space, because that works immediately.

2) Before rm'ing files check with 'lsof' (list open files +

3) You can use the fuser command (with varying
degrees of success) to determine which process still has them opened.

4) take care of log files. Move them off to somewhere else (Though they
will still be written to by the current logger) and then kill -HUP
syslog, that should tell syslog to close and reopen it's log files.


> I have a Sparc 20 running solaris 2.5.
> I received the error message: " Disk FULL / ". After this, I removed a
lot of files but the
>error message don't disappear.

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