Summary: Problem with Solstice Network Client 3.1, NT and NIS

From: Detlev Habicht (
Date: Thu Jan 15 1998 - 03:03:57 CST


my question was:

 we are running Solstice Network Client 3.1 on Windows NT 4.0.

 We are are also running a NIS Server on a SunOS 4.1.3 SS 10.

 Our NIS-domainname is The first "." is not wrong.

 But when i try to configure the NIS-domainname for the Solstice Network Client
 on the Windows NT host,
 i can't enter a domainname with a first ".".

 What must i do now???

I solve the problem on my own.

Well, i get only some mails, wondering about the first "." in front of
my NIS domain name.

First: It is a NIS domain name! It is not a DNS domain name.

Second: The reason for the first dot (quotation from Managing NFS and NIS,
O'Reilly, 1991):

"There may be many NIS domains in this DNS domain; sendmail strips off the
leading component to form the DNS domain name. If the NIS domain name
contains a leading plus sign, or starts with a dot, then the SunOS
sendmail assumes that the NIS domainname is the SAME AS the DNS domain

This was the reason for the first dot a long time ago in our system.

On the next page of the O'Reilly book a found the solution for my problem:

 cd /var/yp
 ln -s

Now i can enter "" as NIS domain for the
Windows NT hosts and i don't have to change our Suns.

Thanx to
Mark <>
Ronald Loftin <>

for your comments. Sometimes it is very quiet here. :-(


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