SUMMARY : Net boot problem

From: Glen MacLarty (
Date: Tue Jan 13 1998 - 09:17:12 CST

thanks to those who replied..

Harry Levinson

here is what happened...

after spending all day trying to work out how to set a default router in
the bootparams file, i tried booting off another machine ( a 2.5.1
machine) ... and it worked...

it seems that Solaros 2.6, the initial machine that i tried to boot off
was not setting the default router to what is set in
/etc/defaultrouters, but to , which would work on the same
subnet but the install server was on a separate subnet in my case...

here is a little more info for those who are interested..

The machine i was trying to boot was on a subnet 10.1, since there is a
switch between this (10.1) subnet and the subnet that contains the
install server (8.1), i made one of the 10.1 machines act as a a boot
server, sending the boot config and the boot file (i think) to the
machine, then it would (normally) go along its way without problem.

This did work in other cases, ie with 2.5.1 installations and when the
first 2.6 machine was installed, however, once i made the boot server
a 2.6 machine on the 10.0 subnet, things went wrong...

I haven't worked out if 2.6 has another 'router' clause for
/etc/bootparams, or if it is a bug, but i'll keep you posted...

also, a problematic switch is continuing to be a bane of angst in my
case, which may be causing some problems outside the current solution...

so here is what to do, if you find this problem...

try booting using 2.5.1 as the os for the boot server
other than that, i'm not sure..

thanks for your help anyway..


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